the scoop on spraying it brown

A few weeks ago we had a wedding to attend in Mexico.  I pulled out my sundresses and was instantly reminded of how long my legs had been in jeans and snow pants.  A spray tan may be necessary.   I began thinking… is spray tanning really safe?  What’s the difference between the cheaper machines and the more expensive personal application?   I reached out to Gina Comminello, Professional Makeup Artist and Owner of The Look Salon ( to find out the scoop.

Is Airbrush Tanning Safe?

  • Absolutely!  The active ingredient is DHA (dihydroxyacetone), which is a colorless sugar derived from the sugar cane plant and is not absorbed into the body
  • It is UV free- no exposure to harmful UVA or UVB rays
  • It’s approved by the FDA
  • It’s recommended by Dermatologists and The Skin Cancer Foundation

Airbrush Tanning is the application of self tanners though a spray gun or HULP (high volume, low pressure) system.  Sunless tanning salons are popping up all around and prices range from $20 – $40 and up, how does one choose?  The Look of a well executed airbrush tan is a natural-looking golden glow.  Many factors come together to create this beautiful end result and the cost…

  • A high quality tanning solution
  • The % of DHA (8-12%) used in the tanning solution should be taken into consideration when tanning clients (no one looks good with an orange appearance)
  • Ad-ons, if one desires…shimmers, bronzer’s etc
  • The Airbrush Gun used, this is where the magic happens!  The gun should spray a very fine mist of the tanning solution evenly
  • The Technician…Experienced tech will take all the above in to consideration when spry tanning her client and sprays clients without pooling, dripping, or overly saturating any one area of the skin.  We pay attenuation to detail and aid our clients each step of the way throughout the service and aid educate clients for home care.


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