the skinny jean is here to stay

I decided it was time to buy a new pair of jeans.  I tend to gravitate towards bootleg while everyone else is in the skinny jean section.  I decided to consult with fashion guru Allison Patrick from my favorite clothing boutique in Denver, Dragonfly.  Here’s what Allison had to say!

The skinny jean is here to stay.

The skinny jean is perhaps the scariest denim trend out there. Will it ever just go away? The answer is no, at least not anytime soon.

But, believe it or not, the skinny jean can work for every woman and just about every body type. When you find that perfect fitting skinny jean you will feel fantastic, fabulous and oh, so chic!

It seems overwhelming but I promise that if you take a deep breath, channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and follow my simple shopping rules for skinny jeans you will find your perfect pair in no time!

  1. Keep with a classic dark wash. Right now there are a lot of enticing things out there (colors, prints, florals and everything in between) but sticking with a clean, dark wash is key to pulling off the skinny jean.  Remember: In all of the rules of jean shopping this is perhaps the most important – dark denim is the most slimming, most versatile and most flattering for all body types.
  2. Choose a Mid-Rise! Skinny jeans require a little modesty in the rise. If you are flaunting it everywhere else keep the look well balanced with a mid-rise. This means ½”-1” below your belly button.
  3. Find your perfect length. Look for a cut that hits at the base of your ankle/top of your heel. The right length is essential to keeping your look polished and sophisticated. When a skinny jean hits at just the right spot it looks great no matter what shoe it is paired with.
  4. Keep with an 11-12” bottom opening. This will be a comfortable and flattering opening – anything smaller than that and you start breaching “jegging” territory.
  5. Pick minimal pocket details. Contrast stitching is okay as long as it compliments and does not cheapen the look. Keep the details clean and simple for the best results.
  6. Look for 2% stretch and no more. Too much stretch can equal a body hugging catastrophe. A little bit of stretch is all you need so your skinnies retain their shape and don’t adhere to yours.
  7. Wear with confidence! Skinny jeans can work for every body type if you find the right fit for your shape. After that it is entirely up to you, remember confidence is the ultimate accessory!

Pick: 811 JBrand Mid-Rise Skinny Jean in Pure.  This skinny jean landed JBrand on the map and has a major fan following. You can find it year round in a variety of washes but their classic dark wash is a must have!


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