the dos and don’ts of white denim

White denim has become a year round closet staple, not just for summer. Add some versatile white denim to your wardrobe! Before you shop, check out some helpful tips from our regular contributor Allison Patrick from Denver clothing boutique Dragonfly on the dos and don’ts of white denim:


  • Look for a false pocket. A lined pocket on a pair of crisp white denim more often than not stands out and not in a good way. Opt for false front pockets and functional back pockets.
  • Wear the appropriate under garments. Avoid a major fashion faux pas and opt for nude colored, seamless under garments.
  • Take the time for an alteration. Hem your white denim to the appropriate length. Extra fabric at the bottom not only looks sloppy, but will also ensure that your gorgeous white pants will be damaged quickly.


  • Go too thin. White denim should have a little bit of substance and weight and a minimal amount of stretch (stay in that 2% or less range). Paper-thin white denim will show every little bump and bulge (yikes!) and has a tendency to stretch out more than heavier offerings.
  • Try the jegging trend. A few people can pull off super skinny white jeans. (I’m talking Gisele, Heidi and Naomi.) For all of us normal, non-supermodels, I recommend a classic slim boot cut style with a mid-rise. This style has lasting power and is flattering on every body type. *Try the DL1961 Cindy Slim Boot in Milk, $168.00,
  • Disregard the care instructions. White denim requires a little TLC, so take extra care to wash on the white cycle or using a special “brightest whites” detergent. Also, invest in a spot treatment pen, so that you can treat stains while on-the-go. *Try Tide Pen To-Go, $3.95,
  • Save your whites just for the hot summer months. White denim has now become a year round closet staple. Throw the “No White after Labor Day” rules out the window and pair your white denim with a basic tee, chunky knit sweater and boots come fall.


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