spend summer relaxing with toms

Now that summer is officially here, it’s time to head to the park or pool to relax in the sun, while enjoying it with some fresh new fashion! Summer is the time for bright colors and exotic patterns. To help us navigate the latest trends, Elyse Burja-Pollock and our friends at Strut boutique in Denver give us their recommendations on the summer’s hottest footwear:

Aside from all of the patterned knits and colored denim, you can also add color to any outfit through your shoes! From ballet flats to strappy wedges, TOMS has variety of styles and colorful patterns that will make your feet the new summer “heat” everyone is talking about! Our favorite summer style is the Cenna Strappy Wedge by TOMS, featuring an exotic multi-colored Ikat pattern and unbelievable comfort! These shoes are perfect for summer relaxation, because they really are that comfortable! Besides, your feet could use a little “R & R” from all of that hard work you’ve been doing, which is why we recommend going with TOMS… no more hard work, just hard play – it’s summertime!

View the TOMS Summer Collection available at www.strutdenver.com.


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