boots of summer

We all enjoy the perks of summer – relaxing by the pool, riding bikes in the park, camping with our friends, the endless summer heat…well, the last one isn’t much of a perk, but we do love the summer rain to help cool off. But, how do we dress in the rain? To help navigate rainy day footwear, Elyse Burja-Pollock, owner of Strut  boutique in Denver, gives us her pick:

Wearing sandals will get our feet wet and it’s difficult and slippery flip-flopping around town, but we have the answer – the boots of summer! A cute pair of booties will keep you trendy, but also dry. Wear your booties with cutoffs, skinny jeans, a maxi skirt or a short summer dress. They really look good with everything! Since they are short and cut at the ankles, you can still show off your summer-tanned stems and keep your toes dry. Our favorite bootie pick this month is the Ndakinna by Coclico. And, the good news is once the summer’s heat starts dying down, you will be prepared for fall!

Shop the Ndakinna by Coclico here:




2 thoughts on “boots of summer

  1. Swoon! Positively love these. However, that’s a hefty price to pay. Admittedly, the style seems pretty basic without being boring, so I think they will stand the test of time. Very versatile indeed, another plus. Looks like I may have to save up! 😀

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