a firm foundation

Have you ever had a difficult time matching your foundation to your skin tone? If you are like the many women who have, you are in luck! Our regular contributor and makeup expert Gina Comminello from Denver makeup salon The Look (TheLookSalonDenver.com) shares a customer testimonial and gives us her recommendations on how to achieve the perfect foundation match:

“I wasn’t sure I needed help with my makeup; I certainly didn’t think I needed custom blended makeup.  I understood where shadowing should go and the makeup colors that worked with my skin.  But with a job interview coming up, I wanted to pull my look together and feel confident in my appearance.  When I met Gina Comminello at her salon, The Look located in Cherry Creek, I was completely surprised to find that her FLAUNT YOU! custom blended foundation changed my look entirely. I was getting by with a “best match” for years.  Gina asked me many questions, even about my lifestyle, and away she blended.  Soon, I held a bottle of foundation custom blended just for me with added bells and whistles, including sunscreen and the color is a perfect match”  – Kay G.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had a difficult time matching your foundation to your skin tone, skin type or lifestyle. Often, the color is too warm or too cool (i.e. too pink or too yellow) and the consistency doesn’t offer enough coverage or too much.  And isn’t it Murphy’s Law that when and if you do find your perfect match, the company discontinues it or the store is sold out? Finding the right foundation doesn’t have to be a chore! FLAUNT YOU! Custom Blended Foundation is matched perfectly to your skin and formulated to complement skin tones flawlessly, imparting the ultimate finish by employing a radical combination of bases, toners, enhancers and modifiers that veil any feature for a truly signature appearance.  The best part is that we’re never sold out and we can whip you up a bottle whenever you need it.

Every client relationship I have is special and most of them start as referrals with a brief conversation about a woman’s custom cosmetic needs.  I welcome you to come into my salon for a 15 minute discussion and an introduction to FLAUNT YOU! cosmetics. I’ll mix together a sample of my custom blended foundation and show you the difference it can make for your skin.


the perfect handbag for summer

To go along with your go-to summer dress, don’t forget about a great summer handbag! To help you find the hottest handbag for this season, Elyse Burja-Pollock, owner of Strut  boutique in Denver and accessory guru, offers her winning selection:

The 49 Square Miles Starlet Top Zip is the perfect handbag for summer. Featuring a detachable cross-body strap and a beautifully detailed hobo strap with hand-hammered hardware link, this bag will add a new kind of flexibility to your style! Let loose and wear it “cross-body” to your next Pure Barre class, then get the “hobo” style for going out on the town. Available in three great colors: charcoal, sulfur (summer favorite) and indigo! Pure Barre gals save 15% on your favorite 49 Square Miles item! Just use the code “purebarre49” at checkout on your your purchase at www.strutdenver.com. Happy shopping!


go-to summer dress trends

Summer is officially here and that means it is time to get out and start shopping for your go-to summer dress. There are a lot of fantastic options this year, so to help you navigate the racks, our regular contributor and fashion guru Allison Patrick from Denver clothing boutique Dragonfly gives us her top picks for this summer’s biggest dress trends:

  • The Tie Dye Dress

I love the Glenda Tie Dye Maxi dress by Tart Collections for a few reasons: it has adjustable bra straps, a double-lined bodice and smocked back (in other words, you don’t need to wear a strapless bra) and the eye-catching print is fantastic for summer. Plan on packing this dress for your next vacation or a weekend at the lake or wearing it to a backyard BBQ.

Glenda Maxi in Bamboo Tie Dye, $176.00, www.tartcollections.com

  • The Tribal Print Dress

Tribal prints are having a major moment! The Yadva Dress by Trina Turk is great because it does tribal in a classy, modern way with a timeless silhouette and subtle, but fun, color combination. This dress is perfect for the office, special events and everyday wear.

Yadva Dress in Kashmir Turquoise, $228.00, www.trinaturk.com

  • The Polka Dot Dress

Polka dots are the new stripe – expect to see them EVERYWHERE especially come fall and winter. Get a head start on the trend with this easy breezy cotton dress from Splendid. Pair it with a cool canvas wedge, flat sandal or your favorite pair of Toms for a cute, casual day look.

Polka Dot Dress in Denim, $128.00, www.splendid.com

  • The Floral Print Dress

This silky, abstract floral print dress by Charlie Jade is a perfectly pretty option for all of your summer events. The color combination feels modern and chic and is a welcome breath of fresh air in a sea of stuffy retro floral prints.

Natalia Dress, $141.00, www.charliejadebrand.com

  • The Coral Dress

Coral is the “it” color of 2012, but avoid wearing this bright from head-to-toe. Instead, opt for just the right amount of summer’s must-have color with the Amy Dress from Harper Clothing.

Amy Dress in Orange Carnival, $150.00, www.harperclothing.com

all about the brows

Eyebrows are such an important part of how we look and there are so many ways to maintain your eyebrows these days. Many people swear by waxing and threading, but I wanted to dig deeper  – which is better? Our regular contributor, Gina Comminello, Professional Makeup Artist and Owner of The Look Salon (TheLookSalonDenver.com) weighs in.

Gina encourages maintaining your eyebrows as they “frame the eyes and influence the total symmetry of the face.” Gina says that both waxing and threading will deliver beautiful, defined eyebrows. The Look Salon’s FLAUNT YOU! eyebrow artist offers both services based on clients’ needs and preferences.

Here’s the scoop on both:


  • This process uses a cotton string in a twisting motion to trap hair in a mini lasso that pulls up each hair out of the follicle as it passes along the skin.
  • An artful technique that’s amazing to watch.  Hair Threading has stood the test of time, being passed down through generations and is fast becoming a popular choice for hair removal in the United States. The hairs do not have to be long in length to be threaded. Also, people who use Retin-A or other medications that conflict with waxing can still get threading.


  • This process uses both strip or hard wax as a method of semi-permanent hair removal, which removes hair from the root.
  • Strip waxing is accomplished by spreading a wax combination thinly over the skin. I mostly use strip wax to remove hair on large surfaces like arms, legs, back, bikini and chest.
  • Hard waxing utilizes hard wax (as opposed to strip wax).  In this case, the wax is applied somewhat thickly.  The wax then hardens when it cools, thus allowing the easy removal by the esthetician without the aid of cloths.  This waxing method is very beneficial to people who have sensitive skin. I typically use hard wax on the face to remove hair on eyebrows, chin, upper lip and sideburns.
  • When waxing clients’ eyebrows, I mostly use hard wax to remove unwanted hair then tweezing to create a clean brow shape followed by the use of a stencil and an eyebrow makeup color to achieve a beautiful, defined, natural looking eyebrow!


  • Whether you want to recreate a FLAUNT YOU! brow design at home or maintain the upkeep after your brow design, then stencils are a great tool for you.
  • They are made of pliable plastic, are durable, available in many shapes, easy to use and easy to clean.
  • Don’t be fooled by over-priced stencils, there are many great stencils on the market that are reasonably priced…do your homework!

the skinny jean is here to stay

I decided it was time to buy a new pair of jeans.  I tend to gravitate towards bootleg while everyone else is in the skinny jean section.  I decided to consult with fashion guru Allison Patrick from my favorite clothing boutique in Denver, Dragonfly.  Here’s what Allison had to say!

The skinny jean is here to stay.

The skinny jean is perhaps the scariest denim trend out there. Will it ever just go away? The answer is no, at least not anytime soon.

But, believe it or not, the skinny jean can work for every woman and just about every body type. When you find that perfect fitting skinny jean you will feel fantastic, fabulous and oh, so chic!

It seems overwhelming but I promise that if you take a deep breath, channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and follow my simple shopping rules for skinny jeans you will find your perfect pair in no time!

  1. Keep with a classic dark wash. Right now there are a lot of enticing things out there (colors, prints, florals and everything in between) but sticking with a clean, dark wash is key to pulling off the skinny jean.  Remember: In all of the rules of jean shopping this is perhaps the most important – dark denim is the most slimming, most versatile and most flattering for all body types.
  2. Choose a Mid-Rise! Skinny jeans require a little modesty in the rise. If you are flaunting it everywhere else keep the look well balanced with a mid-rise. This means ½”-1” below your belly button.
  3. Find your perfect length. Look for a cut that hits at the base of your ankle/top of your heel. The right length is essential to keeping your look polished and sophisticated. When a skinny jean hits at just the right spot it looks great no matter what shoe it is paired with.
  4. Keep with an 11-12” bottom opening. This will be a comfortable and flattering opening – anything smaller than that and you start breaching “jegging” territory.
  5. Pick minimal pocket details. Contrast stitching is okay as long as it compliments and does not cheapen the look. Keep the details clean and simple for the best results.
  6. Look for 2% stretch and no more. Too much stretch can equal a body hugging catastrophe. A little bit of stretch is all you need so your skinnies retain their shape and don’t adhere to yours.
  7. Wear with confidence! Skinny jeans can work for every body type if you find the right fit for your shape. After that it is entirely up to you, remember confidence is the ultimate accessory!

Pick: 811 JBrand Mid-Rise Skinny Jean in Pure.  This skinny jean landed JBrand on the map and has a major fan following. You can find it year round in a variety of washes but their classic dark wash is a must have!

the scoop on spraying it brown

A few weeks ago we had a wedding to attend in Mexico.  I pulled out my sundresses and was instantly reminded of how long my legs had been in jeans and snow pants.  A spray tan may be necessary.   I began thinking… is spray tanning really safe?  What’s the difference between the cheaper machines and the more expensive personal application?   I reached out to Gina Comminello, Professional Makeup Artist and Owner of The Look Salon (TheLookSalonDenver.com) to find out the scoop.

Is Airbrush Tanning Safe?

  • Absolutely!  The active ingredient is DHA (dihydroxyacetone), which is a colorless sugar derived from the sugar cane plant and is not absorbed into the body
  • It is UV free- no exposure to harmful UVA or UVB rays
  • It’s approved by the FDA
  • It’s recommended by Dermatologists and The Skin Cancer Foundation

Airbrush Tanning is the application of self tanners though a spray gun or HULP (high volume, low pressure) system.  Sunless tanning salons are popping up all around and prices range from $20 – $40 and up, how does one choose?  The Look of a well executed airbrush tan is a natural-looking golden glow.  Many factors come together to create this beautiful end result and the cost…

  • A high quality tanning solution
  • The % of DHA (8-12%) used in the tanning solution should be taken into consideration when tanning clients (no one looks good with an orange appearance)
  • Ad-ons, if one desires…shimmers, bronzer’s etc
  • The Airbrush Gun used, this is where the magic happens!  The gun should spray a very fine mist of the tanning solution evenly
  • The Technician…Experienced tech will take all the above in to consideration when spry tanning her client and sprays clients without pooling, dripping, or overly saturating any one area of the skin.  We pay attenuation to detail and aid our clients each step of the way throughout the service and aid educate clients for home care.

the wedge is where it’s at this spring

Welcome! I am so excited to relaunch our blog with a new angle. We will be covering all components of the Pure Barre lifestyle beyond the barre.  I’ll be interviewing gurus in health, fashion, beauty & more and sharing all the intel with you here.

Kicking it off, I spent some time with Elyse Burja-Pollock (shoe & accessory goddess & owner of Strut in Denver) to find out what the hottest shoe is this spring.

Elyse:  The wedge is a must in your spring shoe collection- super comfy, supportive, and cool! Wear your wedges with long dresses, knee length shorts (show off those toned PB legs ladies!) and a flirty top, or with flare jeans and your legs will look long and lean! At Strut, we love the “Kayla” by Miz Mooz. The cork adds dimension and the perforated upper is interesting without being over done. 

I have to tell you I was so excited when Elyse picked this shoe since I bought it a couple weeks ago without knowing how “hot” it was!  Apparently I’m not the only one who is fond of it as Strut keeps selling out!  Elyse has extended a special offer for PB clients through 5/27.  Receive 10% off your purchase at www.strutdenver.com with the code purebarre.  Enjoy!