a firm foundation

Have you ever had a difficult time matching your foundation to your skin tone? If you are like the many women who have, you are in luck! Our regular contributor and makeup expert Gina Comminello from Denver makeup salon The Look (TheLookSalonDenver.com) shares a customer testimonial and gives us her recommendations on how to achieve the perfect foundation match:

“I wasn’t sure I needed help with my makeup; I certainly didn’t think I needed custom blended makeup.  I understood where shadowing should go and the makeup colors that worked with my skin.  But with a job interview coming up, I wanted to pull my look together and feel confident in my appearance.  When I met Gina Comminello at her salon, The Look located in Cherry Creek, I was completely surprised to find that her FLAUNT YOU! custom blended foundation changed my look entirely. I was getting by with a “best match” for years.  Gina asked me many questions, even about my lifestyle, and away she blended.  Soon, I held a bottle of foundation custom blended just for me with added bells and whistles, including sunscreen and the color is a perfect match”  – Kay G.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had a difficult time matching your foundation to your skin tone, skin type or lifestyle. Often, the color is too warm or too cool (i.e. too pink or too yellow) and the consistency doesn’t offer enough coverage or too much.  And isn’t it Murphy’s Law that when and if you do find your perfect match, the company discontinues it or the store is sold out? Finding the right foundation doesn’t have to be a chore! FLAUNT YOU! Custom Blended Foundation is matched perfectly to your skin and formulated to complement skin tones flawlessly, imparting the ultimate finish by employing a radical combination of bases, toners, enhancers and modifiers that veil any feature for a truly signature appearance.  The best part is that we’re never sold out and we can whip you up a bottle whenever you need it.

Every client relationship I have is special and most of them start as referrals with a brief conversation about a woman’s custom cosmetic needs.  I welcome you to come into my salon for a 15 minute discussion and an introduction to FLAUNT YOU! cosmetics. I’ll mix together a sample of my custom blended foundation and show you the difference it can make for your skin.


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